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Updated: May 29

Key principles of highly successful leaders


Most successful leaders tell you that they follow a set of simple principles that allow them and their companies to thrive.  Today I’d like to discuss 3 of those principles that every leader can follow.


Visibility: The Cornerstone of Trust

Being visible to your employees isn’t only about walking through the office; it’s about being an accessible leader who engages with employees and doesn’t mind even participating in the trenches. This breaks down hierarchical barriers and builds trust. This visibility signals that every role is valued, and that the leader is not just a figurehead but a part of the team.


Listening: The Pathway to Insight

Listening to employees goes beyond hearing their words—it’s about understanding their perspectives, challenges, and ideas. It’s a process where leaders engage with their teams and employees, ask probing questions, and genuinely consider feedback. When this happens, employees feel valued and respected, and the leader gains a first-hand view of daily operations.  The insights gained from employees also can lead to significant innovation and improvement.


Action: The Proof of Leadership

Taking action on what you’ve learned from your employees is the ultimate testament to your leadership. It shows that you don’t just value their input in theory, but that you’re willing to implement changes based on their suggestions. This not only improves processes and performance but also solidifies employee engagement, as your team sees their ideas come to life.


By embodying these principles, leaders can amplify both performance and engagement. Since a company’s success is directly linked to the satisfaction and motivation of its employees, leaders have seen the effects of these actions directly impact the bottom-line.

You can find additional articles on our blog page or reach out to us to learn more. 

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