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The Game Changer – Raving Fans

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Discover What Customers Want, Then Exceed It

5th in the Igniting Business Growth Series

Over the years of working with many clients, we have seen a consistent trend. Most companies believe they know what customers really want. However, when those companies ask customers directly, most discover “game-changing insights” that can set them apart from the competition and position them to win. Even if your market research is as simple as having someone call and interview your customers, you will be surprised what you learn.

Once you have those customer insights, it’s time to put them into motion. Decide what you can do to truly exceed expectations and provide customers an experience they can’t find anywhere else. Tell everyone in your organization the things that really matter to customers, and then repeat it. Create customer-focused goals and plans for employees. You’ll be surprised at what can happen. Not only will customers give you more of their business, they will begin to spread the word about all your company does.

The goal of Anavo Growth Partners is to help companies break the norm by becoming one of the few that achieve dramatic and sustainable growth. This is the fifth in Anavo’s 6-part series on Igniting Business Growth.

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