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Servant Leadership

3 Steps to Growing Leaders

The sixth of a 6-Part Series on Servant Leadership

Welcome! This is the final article of this series. Over the past several weeks we have been focusing on the principles of Leadership, with a specific focus on Servant Leadership. In this final article we’re going to cover the “3 Step Process” for developing Servant Leaders.

The first step is to set the expectations of how you, and your team, want to lead. Simply, this is the process of setting the rules of the game. How will you communicate with others. What should your team expect from you. When a problem develops, how will you and the team resolve it. If there is a performance issue with a team member what steps will be taken to correct it. As previously mentioned, this is the process of defining the rules of leadership for you, and your team.

Next, the second step involves identifying where each individual is in relation to where they need to be as a leader. This can be done through formal, or informal assessments, that provide feedback on how an individual is currently doing as compared to the desired performance level. 360-degree reviews are a great tool for this part of the process.

Once the areas of growth are identified for each member of the team, then individualized plans can be developed for each person. This is where the third step begins. The development plans for each person are shared with the team. Then the team helps each member start the process of intentional growth. The team acts as accountability partners for each other helping to inspire and challenge each other to be better leaders. The leaders they all aspire to be.

The process of developing our leadership skills can be challenging. In most cases it requires greater personal awareness, as well as, a willingness to be open and vulnerable to the team. But over time, the benefits of improving leadership skills will definitely pay off. As the team grows closer, their productivity and effectiveness will improve, and you will see it in their results.

The beauty of Servant Leadership is that when done properly it will bring a team together so that great things can happen. If you would like to learn more about how to implement this style of leadership in your organization, let us know. We would be happy to help you with the process.

This is the last segment of Anavo’s 6-part series on Servant Leadership. You can find all of our articles on the blog page.

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