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Leveraging Growth by Amplifying Customer Experience

Updated: Feb 20

It is not a surprise that creating an amazing experience for your customers can improve your financials, but many leaders are uncertain how to make this happen. Let’s start by reviewing why this is important.  A Zippia study summarized key facts on how improving customer experience can increase revenue by 10 to 15%.

Engaging Employees:  There is a critical factor that is often missed when striving to turn customers into “raving fans”.  That is the importance of having engaged employees.  If employees are not happy about coming to work, it is unlikely they will be willing to put in extra effort to delight customers.  We have written many articles on how to make this happen, but employee engagement is the right place to start.


Understanding Customer Needs:  As with most relationships, you should listen to your customers first.  You can do this in many ways from simple interviews and surveys to more sophisticated market research.  When doing this it will be important to ask about customers’ needs, desires, and pain points.  In addition gauge your customers’ satisfaction with every interface they have with your company, from your initial sales call through final invoicing.


Creating Solutions and Taking Action:  Once you have the feedback, create solutions for any issues customers are experiencing.  Then communicate your findings and solutions to the customers involved in your research.  This could become one of the strongest marketing items you have done.


Engage employees in the process of creating solutions and creating a world-class customer experience.  This will help employees understand how their roles impact customers.  Create customer KPI’s and build customer excellence into performance appraisals.  Then track customer-experience results and celebrate successes. 


Then use customer insights and unmet customer needs to drive innovation.  This does not have to stop with launching new products and services, it can include creating superior processes that will give you a customer advantage.   


Finally, incorporate the relevant positive findings into your marketing and sales efforts.  This could be items like “96% of customers trust us” or “94% of customers prefer us over others”.


By focusing on these areas, your company can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased growth and profitability. You can find additional articles on our blog page or reach out to us at Anavo Growth Partners to learn more.   

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