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High-Impact Collaboration

High-Impact Collaboration

I am a huge believer in the power of collaboration. A decision reached through collaboration typically leads to stronger outcomes and gains the support of those involved in the process.

However, too much of something positive can quickly turn it into a negative. Most of us have experienced the downside of collaborative meetings when a decision can’t be reached. When this happens, another meeting is usually scheduled to collaborate further. Many of the same discussions are repeated and consensus often remains elusive. After multiple repetitions of this process, the team gets frustrated, and enthusiasm starts to diminish.

There is a better way to reach collaborative decisions. When an issue needs to be solved, the person who owns the issue should bring a documented overview of the situation and a clear recommendation, along with the other alternatives considered. This should include a side-by-side comparison of the benefits of the recommendation relative to the alternatives. The team can then collaboratively discuss the alternatives and any “points of difference”. This allows the team to focus its discussion on the relevant facts and quickly drive to consensus without spending hours rehashing the issues.

If there is a more complex issue, it can be helpful to have an initial meeting to collaborate on potential solutions. However, the owner of the issue should still bring a documented summary of the situation and the key questions that need to be addressed. A little extra preparation by one person can save the team hours of discussion, while focusing the team’s efforts on solutions rather than issues.

If you would like to receive a format for this process, please reach out to us at Anavo. We’d be happy to provide a decision-making tool that can help your organization make strong and efficient decisions.

You can find additional articles on our blog page or reach out to us at Anavo Growth Partners to learn more.

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