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Can Communication Facilitate Growth?

This article is part of a series on right-sizing your company.

In this series of articles we are discussing the reasons why less than 3% of companies successfully grow to the next tier.  Today’s topic focuses on how communication methods need to evolve as companies expand.

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization, large or small. As companies grow, their communication methods need to evolve to ensure that operations remain efficient and effective.

In a small company, communication is often informal. Employees frequently interact directly with each other and with management. The transfer of information is typically straightforward and informal, as there are few layers and systems to navigate. Communication to the company as a whole can be done simply, with team meetings or group emails.

As companies grow into medium-sized businesses, the need for more structured communication methods becomes important. Some one-on-one communications need to transition into team meetings or departmental briefings. The transfer of information requires more formal procedures with documented processes and protocols. Off-the-shelf operating systems can also help streamline communications.  If the business has multiple locations, company-wide communication requires intranet updates or newsletters to keep all employees informed.

In larger companies, communication methods need to become more structured and formalized. One-on-one communication often occurs within the context of well-defined managerial structures. The transfer of information is usually managed through more sophisticated IT systems to ensure efficiency and security. Communication to the company often involves a mix of broad messages for all employees and targeted communication for specific departments or teams.

As companies grow, their communication methods need to evolve to ensure their operations remain smooth and critical information is transferred between levels and functions. Whether your company is a start-up or a large corporation, effective communication is one of the keys to success.

If you’d like to learn more about how to right-size your organization as your company grows, feel free to contact us at Anavo.  We’d be happy to share proven methods that will help your company succeed as it grows.  In upcoming articles we will continue exploring more strategies you can pursue to prepare for growth.  You can also find additional articles on our blog page or reach out to us at Anavo Growth Partners to learn more.   

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