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Becoming a Customer-Centric Company

Most companies believe they know what matters to customers. But if you want to become a true customer-centric company, you need to begin by asking customers what they think and then act on what you learn. You will almost always find new insights that can drive the next tier of growth and performance.

Begin by Listening: While market research is an amazing tool, you can begin by simply doing a series of customer interviews or surveys. The feedback can provide real-life insights you can use to make immediate improvements. In your interviews or surveys you should ask questions about:

· Customers’ needs & wants

· Their true “pain points”

· What you are doing well

· How you stack-up to competition

· How you can better serve them

· What trends they are seeing in the market

Customer-Centric Culture: Fostering a customer-centric culture starts by placing the customer at the heart of every decision and process. Seek employee’s involvement in ways to improve customer satisfaction. It’s important to encourage every employee, regardless of their role, to think from the customer’s perspective. Training and workshops can also help instill this mindset. Then measure and track customer satisfaction and celebrate successes with the entire company.

Take Action & Report the Results: Once you get feedback from customers, report the results to your customers and tell them how you plan to improve. This is likely to be one of the strongest marketing tools you can use, as customers truly respect and appreciate this. Then use the customer feedback to drive strategic decisions. The insights gained can be used to improve products, services, operations, and overall customer experience, which will ultimately drive both revenue and profits.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Customer-Centric Company or about Anavo’s strategic planning and employee-engagement processes, reach out to us. We’d love to learn more about your company and discuss how you can achieve your goals.

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