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Turnaround from 50% Decline to 35% Growth

Updated: Nov 2, 2021


  • A national manufacturer of industrial products was hit hard by an economic downturn

  • Revenue was cut in half and profits declined into negative territory

  • The next generation owner had just become President, and everyone held him responsible


  • We rapidly proceeded to uncover and address the root issues that were holding the company back

  • Then we investigated customers, competition, and the market, discovering many new avenues for growth

  • We collaborated with management to select and implement the key solutions, including refocusing on the most profitable products, initiating collaborative marketing with dealers, and introducing high-margin Accreditation Courses which also attracted new potential customers

  • Employees also worked with us to optimize the culture, communication, and many of the processes


  • After the first year, revenue growth rebounded 35% and profitability was restored

  • Both the President and employees had renewed passion and purpose

  • Over the coming years its employees thrived, revenue doubled, and profits hit all time highs

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