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Has Your Company Outgrown Its Methods?

The first article in a series on right-sizing your company.

One of our statements at Anavo that continues to gain attention is:

But how will you know if your company has outgrown its old ways of operating? Your employees will feel the pain first. Day-to-day operations will begin to feel more like chaos than synergy. Employee stress rises and job satisfaction declines. Near misses or failures start to increase with delivery dates, quality, and attention to detail. Some employees increase their effort and approach burn-out while they strive to make things work. Other employees get frustrated and mentally throw in the towel or begin blaming each other.

Customers then begin to feel the pain as they see your quality, timeliness, and attention to their needs fall short. In the end, both employees and customers often “speak with their feet” as they begin to walk away from your company.

Like many other things, this issue boils down to people, processes, and systems. Each new stage of growth requires different methods. Smaller companies typically need employees who are generalists, with loose role definitions and processes that allow people to shift to where the need is greatest. As companies grow, the need for more advanced processes, systems, and role clarity increases. In addition, more sophisticated means of operating, leading, and communicating come into play. Companies’ requirements for people begin to shift from generalists to specialists. The importance of systems and documentation also increases as growth continues.

The key is to stay ahead of the curve and take action before your employees or customers feel the pain. Then your company can be one of the exceptions that rises above the pack.

We will continue discussing this topic in the remaining articles in this series, where we will explore specific strategies you can pursue to right-size your company and prepare for growth. You can also find additional articles on our blog page or reach out to us at Anavo Growth Partners to learn more.

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