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Does Engagement Really Drive Growth?

Go Beyond Employee Satisfaction – Create Engagement

4th in the Igniting Business Growth Series

Does employee engagement really drive financial results? As just one example, Harvard professors were on a mission to determine the secret to business success. They tracked a large group of companies over 11 years and the results were beyond conclusive. Companies with strong cultures had significantly larger growth than those with weak cultures, as indicated in the graph below.

But how do you get there? Creating engagement goes beyond just satisfying employees with company perks. Engaged employees are willing to walk the extra mile and are committed to helping the company succeed. There are many approaches to achieving this, but the approaches begin by listening to employees about the real issues and then involving them in creating the solutions. Since employees are critical to accomplishing most strategies, having fully engaged employees becomes the multiplier effect to achieving amazing results.

The goal of Anavo Growth Partners is to help companies break the norm by becoming one of the few that achieve dramatic and sustainable growth. This is the fourth in Anavo’s 6-part series on Igniting Business Growth. You can find the other elements of the series on our blog page ____.

1. Reward to Engage 2008, Accor Services

2. Corporate Culture and Performance, by John Kotter and James Heskett (Harvard Business School Professors)

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